Onryou Yuurei Eyes (Calm)

Ansha Unisex Tattoo  - FRESH

dBF - Gasoul ST-R *BOXED*

    Completely re-written, re-optimized scripting for the new era of cars from Decibel Factory featuring:

- Brand new, legit, adrenaline rushing drift system to hit the scene in Second Life. Can't compare it to any other car out there. None.
- Multi-section neon systems, independently change interior, underglow, hood, trunk, wheels. If thats not enough change the underglow to 2 
  different sections and make 'em flow around the car, also featuring an easy on / off.
- Incorporated stunts triggerable at any time riding.
- HUD enhanced for ease of use and fast option handling, another first for dBF cars.
- Animated stunts, similar to the ST-R bikes for those familiar with the systems.
- New hydraulics systems featuring independent wheel range. [You can now jack up the ride in very different wheel positions lol]
- Wide range of working illuminations : headlights, tails lights, reverse, turn signals, backfire, gauges, displays, interior buttons, audio components, and neons.
- Opening doors, windows, trunk, hood...the whole car has some extreme detail to it.
- New functioning sound system featuring flexing sub woofers and amplifier effects, with 10 full songs and 11 loops.
- Fully animated: driving, reverse, turning, selectable parked animation, passenger, etc.
- Multiple drive modes including street, customizable track, drift, flight, parked, and keymapped hydraulics mode.
- Overhauled handling systems based on said modes, drive smooth or shred the tracks.
- Several adjustable handling options, some mode specific, ranging at gear adjust, turn strength and lag, acceleration adjust, drift angle lock and lag etc.
- 4 different cam options including a mouse simulation mode, and speaking of, yes this car works in mouse look.
- Keymapped fast response nitrous purge systems.
- Animated legit car horn.
- Fully running / turning wheels.
- Can still perform wheel stands. [wheelie]
- Brake / slide system for sharp corners.
- Multiple smoke effects from braking to drifting to burnin' out.
- Multiple sound effects, owner greetings, drift sounds etc.
- Nitrous systems boosting greatly with Sonic Boom effects at high speeds.
- Racing features including a sim return and set, for quick run restart, and a 45 degree grid snap for quick line up.
- 2 seater with driver and passanger locks / kick.
- Running volume dimmer / idle sound changer.
- Built in web browser in laptop.

[The Forge] Goggles, Yellow  -CBOX
Blueberry - Rolled Shorts - Bikini - Maitreya - Light Blue
Blueberry - Tank Top - Maitreya

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