[n.i] on.the.gogh.gold RARE
[n.i] small.gold.paint.brush.single.decor
[n.i] small.orange.paint.brush.hold.pose

antielle. Devil Scar (Slight wound)
antielle. Onryou Yuurei Eyes (Calm)
antielle. Sicky - Full
Honnari Hannya Tattoo with appliers for clasics and boy mesh

Bossie. striped hentai bikini [black] (wear me)

Bossie. hentai pose set (wear me) pose .01

Ava Strap Platform(Maitreya) RARE

(Paint Roller) WEAR
Montana gold spray can

Serenity Style new exclusive for GEN-Neutral. 
The event start next 12th on February.
- The artist corner full set - BLOGGERS
Serenity Style- Wall Canvas
Serenity Style- Brushes
Serenity Style- Crate Sit
Serenity Style- Easel
Serenity Style- Pile of Canvas

{Almira~ snowblood}googles .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
.Olive. the Elisa II Hair
.random.Matter. - Sanza Nose Chain - Gold {L}
Pixicat- Tilde.Shorts Highwaisted - Stripes nr1 (Maitreya)
GOLD Handcuff Ring (Right) (ADD DO NOT WEAR)

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