Body and accessories
(lingerine)Milk Tea: Dreamer (Mustard)

(socks)Milk Tea: Snugglebugs blogbox (Luck of the Irish)

CURELESS [+] @Shiny Shabby March / BLOGGERS&FRIENDS (unpacked)
(necklace)CURELESS [+] The Perfume Flask 

CURELESS [+] Magnolia @Uber Ethereal (BLOGGERS)
(tattoo flowers)CURELESS [+] Magnolia Citrine (unpacked)

+ Face Battle Scars Pack + {aii}
(tattoo scars face)+ Bad Accident Battle Scar + {aii}
+ Nose Battle Scar + {aii}

(tattoo head moon) :..BK..: Moon pack 

[n.i] screwed.over
[n.i] love.and.cholesterol.tray.dark
[n.i] love.and.cholesterol.milk.and.muffins RARE
[n.i] love.and.cholesterol.hot.cocoa
[n.i] love.and.cholesterol.fruit.kebab
[n.i] love.and.cholesterol.cocoa.and.cookies
[n.i] love.and.cholesterol.heart.cakes
[n.i] love.and.cholesterol.eggs.and.bacon
[n.i] love.and.cholesterol.donuts
[n.i] love.and.cholesterol.milk.short

.random.Matter. - Sanza Nose Chain - Gold
(hair)Magika [03] Cardigan

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