■DURATION: Summer, July 5th SLT0:00 ~ August 25th SLT0:00
under the theme of "Summer Festival"

Tattoo in face: }{AM}{... Nuibari tattoo (Shiro)
Flower in head : (**Tetora**)ORIGAMI SUMMER BOX
Big fish: ~silentsparrow~ Taiyake Plate & Snugglecakes  (Wear to Unpack)
Fish Hat ~silentsparrow~ Fish Hats - Origami Hunt Prize

Tattoo in arms: antielle. Not Wonderland (v.0) (unpacked) with appliers to classics body mesh

//// antielle. Delicious Summer  For The SeAsons Story
Our release for this round of The Seasons Story! (It's already Open)

Tattoo in legs: antielle. Delicious Summer

*PIXICAT -Pixicat- Crew.Armor (Caramel)

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